Saturday, January 28, 2012

Oil'n Up for Oz

Gearing up for another semester!

6 x 7
pencil and digital
study (2 hours)


  1. This is nice....
    although technically I don't think Dorothy ever poured oil directly into the Tin-man's mouth, she only oiled the hinges on his jaw, because it was rusted shut.... which as EVERYONE knows... years of caked-on rust dissolves completely, leaving no trace at all, with only a mere three drops of oil, that's been stewing for as long as the rust has been building.

    But I digress... nice piece.

  2. Nice point!
    It was just a 'quick study,' but hence the shocked look on his face?!

    Also, there has always been something funny to me about how Dorothy is so interested in 'fixing' the characters. Why not accept what they all do have?

  3. Dorothy looks just like you, Nicole! Hehehee. Anyway this looks great! How long did this take you?

  4. Thanks! Paddy is even a cairn, like toto. I'll have to take some Wizard of Oz photo reference next time I'm home!