Sunday, August 7, 2016

Phono Del Sol

Last February, in the midst of a break up, moving apartments, and my first week at a new job I got an offer I couldn't refuse:

'Would you be interested in illustrating the festival poster for Phono del Sol?'

So, amidst the craziness I took on the motto:
'If Beyonce I can do it, I can too.'

And, powered through deadlines.

It is not my favorite poster I've done, but the experience may be. 

The Bay Bridged was a joy to work with! Compensation included VIP tickets! And, it is the first time I've had my artwork in print. It was so cool to see people holding programs or talking about the cover and not knowing who I am. 

....Well, and a day of listening to bands, supported by friends, drinking free beer, in the sun ain't too bad either;)

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